Updating a range hood to this century

For this project, we turned this:

Into this:

So the homeowner could enjoy cooking on the stove again!

We had several challenges to overcome in doing this.
First, there was no existing ventilation, just a small stick in the ceiling where one could have been. The existing range hood was exhausting out into the kitchen!
Second, there was no outlet; the original range hood was hard wired.
Lastly, there was no roof vent for the vent line to exit the house completely, and we certainly don’t want to just vent into the attic!

As a small bonus, we also added a bathroom exhaust fan and a vent out the roof for that, too, which was easy to do since we were already in there doing one.

In the attic, I located the best place to put two nice roof vent jacks so they would look even and square from outside, and be high enough to vent well without causing issues, or being interfered with by other forces. I drilled a small hole from the attic side to mark those places, then went on the roof to find those holes and line everything up so the roof vents fit nicely with the shingles.

Because there was a ceiling joist in the way of where we wanted to put a round vent for the range hood, we swapped that out for a rectangle vent, so no need to adjust any framing. In the attic, that gets adapted to the 6″ round flex line, and now all the vented air gets sent outside!

The next task was to ensure we had a place to plug in the range hood safely, and while some folks would just cut off the plug and hard wire the hood, we don’t do that nonsense, because we’re (say it with me now) Done RIGHT by Daniel! 😀
I simply made a new hole where an outlet box would sit nicely, fished the existing wire out of it’s old hole, ran it into the new box, then installed the box, outlet, and plate in the cabinet above, where it belongs.
I then patched up the old hole to seal it up, even though it would be behind the range hood (Again, Done RIGHT).

Another quality project, Done Right, by Daniel!
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