Unlocking a little project with big joy

For this project, I turned this:

Into this:

Because the key slots on the new master keys make the keys hang crooked, which drives me NUTS!
Why Master did this is beyond me, but I hate having some of my keys stick out awkwardly. In the past I would do this with a handheld drill, but thanks to an awesome store employee and some savvy negotiating, I got to it with this:

Yes, that IS a custom wood jig I made to hold the key securely, that I could clamp to my drill press so I could drill the same hole, in the same place, all the times I needed for all the keys I have for this lock set.
Now that I have this all set up, I can just set up the jig and drill the holes next time I have new keys like these!

Most of my projects are big and bulky, but sometimes I get a burr in my saddle and decide to do a little something about it. 🙂

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