Settlement Offer

I put together a settlement offer for Vern today, an easy way for him to pay off the debt he owes me without any liens filed, legal action, or further issues.

Vern replied:

I can acknowledge that Ridge Construction owes you some money, amount to be determined.
I also see that you technically committed civil trespass after your termination date, and some Ridge Construction items may have been taken.


  1. I was never advised that my access to the office had been revoked.
  2. I picked up MY property; My LG 34″ monitor, my Logitech keyboards, mice, and accessories, and other items I had at my desk that I own.
  3. I left behind all RCI property; the Home Depot card, any/all keys I had to RCI property or projects, my RCI hats, and marketing materials.

For Vern to accuse me of trespass and theft shows just how desperate he is now, and how aware of his follies he is.