Project Recovery in Apple Valley

I recently wrapped up a project recovery in Apple Valley, and as is always the case, it was both a complete mess, and a surprise to the owner that I got it under control so quickly.

When a project goes awry, it can happen for any number of reasons, but most of the ones i’ve dealt with have been because the existing contractor finally pissed off the owner(s) too much, and got themselves fired. I did work on one project with a very picky client who has driven the previous contractors to quit, but I still got that one handled, too.

This project went awry because the contractors were taking too many shortcuts, doing shoddy work, and skipping steps, so we ended up with finish flooring installed, but paint work left to do, appliances left to be installed, and cabinetry not completed yet, among many other issues.

I started this project the same way I do all my recoveries, one long, slow walk through to capture the current condition of everything, inside and out, and then I made a plan of attack.

I always plan my recovery work to follow the standard building order of operations to make sure the work we’re doing now won’t be damaged by something else later. So here I started outside with the removal and reinstallation of some windows that were leaking, then addressing some siding concerns, then dealing with exterior doors and doorways that weren’t properly sealed.

Once I had the outside weathertight, I moved inside and got to work on replacing the bad subflooring, finishing the plumbing and electrical that was missing, patching up walls and trim, and getting everything ready for paint. Inside, I like to ‘build from the bottom up, finish from the top, down’.

Project recoveries aren’t easy, but I enjoy the challenge, and having done so many of them, I have a playbook of successful methods at the ready.
If your project has gone sideways and you don’t know who to call, drop me a line and let’s get your project back on the rails, and all the way to DONE-ville.