Project or Production?

One of the topics I discuss frequently these days is the difference between Project and Production management. There’s a very clear distinction, and the truth is, one of them is inside the other!

Project Management
The day to day work done of moving a specific project forward.
Scheduling, communicating, and determining the job needs.
Estimates; requesting, reviewing, and selecting.
Budgeting, and otherwise managing the cash flow of the project.
Managing the project is all about moving it forward towards completion.

Production Management
Managing the out of the people who manage the projects.
Sometimes known as the ‘Senior Project Manager’, this division head is responsibly for ensuring the resources of the company are being utilized in the best manner.
Often overseeing one or more Project Managers, Assistants, Coordinators, or other personnel in the Project Management hierarchy, the Production Division is the entire team responsible for getting projects done.

I have worked as both, primarily as a Project Manager, and I have worn both hats for the same company!
Typically, the Production Manager takes on the most difficult/demanding projects, but what I like to do is assign those projects to one of my Project Managers, and then assist them through the project, keeping m free enough to float about all of my projects, and not lose time needed to run my division efficiently.

The more you know!