Owners Representation

“An owner’s representative operates as part of the project team, but they work under a separate contract held with the owner. Their role is to act on behalf of the owner to oversee the entire project. This can include the planning, design, construction and commissioning, as well as the closeout phases.”

When I perform the duties of an Owners Representative, I bring all of my knowledge and experience to the table on behalf of the owner, and work alongside the GC, subcontractors, and other vendors to ensure the planned and agreed-upon project is being produced on time, in budget, and without delay wherever possible.

The value for the client is that they have an expert on their side, much like a defendant brings an attorney to court, someone who is an expert in that field and setting.
The key benefit is that all of my knowledge, skills, and experience are brought to bear on behalf of the owner, and while it’s rare for me to have conflict with the GC, there have been many times I’ve been called upon to settle a debate between the two.
Another common report I hear is appreciation for my ability to ‘interpret the lingo’, both so the owner can understand what the GC is saying, and to help the GC understand what the owner is asking for.

When you’re thinking of taking on a project, start with a trusted consultant in your corner to walk you through the phases, selections, and details of the project. You should only be paying for the time you actually use, but most consultant and owners reps work on a retainer system, which works best for everyone.