Order of Operations

No matter what we’re working on, there’s always an order of operations. In Math we have PEMDAS, in baking we have GCMMBT, and in CPR we learn ABC.

In construction it’s no different, we have an order of operations, and it’s important we follow it so we can keep making progress, and not have to go back and undo or redo work already done.

I’ve seen people get in a hurry and skip steps, usually in an effort to satisfy a hasty investor or homeowner, and they find themselves with much more expense than estimated, so now someone has to eat that extra cost.

I’ve seen projects where drywall had to be ripped down so the plumber could finish installing some pipe, or worse, so an inspector could check an electrical junction, and now that drywall had to be set, taped, mudded, sanded, mudded, sanded, and primed a second time (or third, YIKES!).

I’ve also seen damages inside houses where finish work was done in some rooms, but rough work was not, and damage was caused by materials coming through the finished areas.

No matter how big a rush you’re in, it’s always faster to take your time and do things right.