No outlet? No problem!

My client was talking to me about how he’d like to have his TV in his bedroom mounted up on the wall, but doesn’t want wires hanging down all over the place. He said it couldn’t be done since there wasn’t an outlet and coax jack up high on the wall, only down low on the wall.

No outlet, no coax jack…

I told him not to worry, being familiar with the houses in this subdivision, I knew there was a lot of space in the attic, and I would just tap into the existing wires and put in some new holes! We crunched some numbers, signed some papers, and I got to work!

First I marked where he wanted the TV to be, and we left some room for putting a larger TV up later. With the ceiling being ‘popped out’ as it is, adding a larger TV wouldn’t be an issue even if we mounted the TV all the way up to the top of the wall.
Next I traced and cut my holes for my ‘old work’ boxes; one for power, and one for the coax.

The tracing for the TV mount, and the new holes for the old work boxes.

I used a fishing drill to sneak up the wall between the sheetrock and insulation, then drill a hole in the top plate of the wall, right into the attic.
Next I entered the attic, wandered over to where the drill came out, fished the romex through, and then repeated the process with the coax cable.

I went ahead and finished up my boxes in the wall first, tying my romex into the outlet and installing it into the box, the box into the wall, with the cover, and the same for the low voltage box I used for the coax. With those parts completed, I shut off the power, wandered about in the attic again, and tied the wires into the existing system.

Once I was done in the attic, I came out, cleaned up, mounted the TV, attached the box to the wall, and zip tired all the cords so they’d be out of the way.

The work all done.
The Finished project!