Letting in the light

For this project, we turned this:

Into this:

The homeowner wanted more light in the kitchen, and decided to make that happen by re-opening a window that had been previously closed off and covered up.
As with most projects in older Denver homes, there were a few challenges along the way!
First, I had to take down the cabinets and then open up the wall:

Once I opened up the wall I found some drain plumbing in the way, as well as some electrical wires. I paused to confer with the homeowner, and we decided that simply adjusting the plumbing to clear the window would be fine.
The wires had enough slack in them to be adjusted down/around the window as well, so I only had to have the plumbing moved around a bit.
Once that got handled, I was able to proceed with the window work!

The next challenge was in tearing back the old stuff to get to a point solid enough to build from. The wood from the old window was in decent shape, but was not securely fastened to the brick, so I ended up having to remove all of it, all the way back to the brick. Look at all that light coming in!

From there I was able to build and install new framework that I securely attached to the home by using PL 375 adhesive between the wood and brick, and framing screws to attach to existing framing in the wall. I had to use 2 x 12″ lumber to accomplish this, but that’s the difference between, ‘Done’, and ‘Done Right’!

With the window in, secured, and sealed up, I finished up the outside with PVC trim, sealed that with Dynaflex Alex caulk, and now it’s ready to weather the winter, but it certainly won’t be gray and dreary in the kitchen anymore, thanks to this Wonderful Window Work!

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