Kitchen Island Remodel

For this project, we turned this:

Into this:

So the customer could pour their own custom epoxy resin countertop.
We also moved the electrical outlets from inside the kitchen island bar to the outside of the island:

We also added a pop-up outlet in the middle of the new island countertop:

This customer reached out to me because they wanted to have a large, flat countertop, and had no want to keep the island bar. They also wanted to pour a custom epoxy resin countertop.
In talking with other providers, the customer was told that the job could not be done, as a finished countertop needed to be installed by the contractor.
Well, here at Done Right by Daniel, I have no such requirements; it’s your house, your project, and your dream! If you want me to build you a base that you can create your own masterpiece off of, I’m happy to do so! 😀

We had a few obstacles to work around along the way; a long, steep driveway, a house set up on the side of a mountain, very little room to work outside to cut the material, and more:

I set up my cut station inside and used my wet/dry vac to manage the dust, but cutting MDF is a VERY dusty task!
Even with all of the difficulties, we got it done. TWO Layers of MDF to provide plenty of support for the epoxy resin, outlets moved around, and the whole area clean up spic and span!

Another quality project, Done Right, by Daniel!
Let me know what project you’re ready to have Done Right! Started