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  • Construction Consultant

    Welcome to my introduction on what a Construction Consultant is, written by ME! 😀 First, what is a Construction Consultant?Someone who specializes in providing knowledge, experience, and information, related to construction, to the client, in a way they can easily understand. I do this by applying my decades of experience, my wide range of knowledge, […]

  • Project Recovery in Apple Valley

    I recently wrapped up a project recovery in Apple Valley, and as is always the case, it was both a complete mess, and a surprise to the owner that I got it under control so quickly. When a project goes awry, it can happen for any number of reasons, but most of the ones i’ve […]

  • The threshold with no support…

    On my recovery project in Apple Valley, the back door threshold was loose, and kept making a racket as we walked in and out. When I got to checking it out, I found that the subfloor underneath was rotted away and couldn’t hold it properly, AND, it was undersized. I picked up a new threshold […]

  • The little gas block…

    Every now and then I run into a problem that seems to stump a lot of folks… enter, the gas line that was too low to operate the valve: I got myself a scrap of 2×4, drilled a hole through it from one side, sliced it in half, pre-drilled some screw holes, and put it […]

  • No outlet? No problem!

    My client was talking to me about how he’d like to have his TV in his bedroom mounted up on the wall, but doesn’t want wires hanging down all over the place. He said it couldn’t be done since there wasn’t an outlet and coax jack up high on the wall, only down low on […]

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