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  • Project Recovery in Apple Valley

    I recently wrapped up a project recovery in Apple Valley, and as is always the case, it was both a complete mess, and a surprise to the owner that I got it under control so quickly. When a project goes awry, it can happen for any number of reasons, but most of the ones i’ve […]

  • Saw Station Setup

    I’ve had many versions of my saw station setup over the years, but after fighting with it for a few months, I finally settled on just setting it up however it best made sense at the job. For this job, a project recovery in Apple Valley, i’m cutting everything from siding, framing, and blocking, to […]

  • Order of Operations – Flipping

    The typical Order of operations in New Construction are the same across most facets of building construction. The Order of Operations for other projects (which we’ll touch on later) will vary some, but let’s talk specifically about flipping houses. When you’re flipping a house, the goal is to get in, get done, and get out […]

  • Order of Operations

    No matter what we’re working on, there’s always an order of operations. In Math we have PEMDAS, in baking we have GCMMBT, and in CPR we learn ABC. In construction it’s no different, we have an order of operations, and it’s important we follow it so we can keep making progress, and not have to […]