Month: June 2019

  • Floating Trim Shelf

    So here I am, walking in and out of the house everyday, looking at all the stuff I keep by the front door, and thinking to myself, “I don’t like all this crap sitting here in a pile”. So I get this wild idea to build a little shelf to sit on the trim piece. […]

  • Just for fun, but it works…

    As an aside to the Mock Wall project, I threw this together quickly, both because I love having a whiteboard up, and because it was there. I gave myself bonus points for:1) Using scrap materials (wood pieces),2) Not damaging the whiteboard in any way, and, 3) Not permanently fastening ANYTHING that needs to be repaired […]

  • The mock wall

    I’ve been known for creative, sometimes interesting (read: Wild) solutions to everyday problems, but this particular project was a personal pleasure for me, and something I designed and built myself. I love building things, but this little wall made me very happy! This is a mock wall, 8′ high, 12′ wide, built half of 2×4 […]