Month: May 2019

  • Tower Time

    ‘Twas a beautiful, sunny day in Georgia, and the sunshine found me around a hundred feet up in a tower. Some fellow Amateur Radio operators and I teamed up to resolve a weak transmit issue with a local repeater system, and while I freely admit that the rest of the team did all the technical […]

  • Sagging gate 23APR19

    This poor gate was dragging on the ground with every swing, causing more damage to the fence and gate as it was forced along the concrete below it. I got my hands on a ‘gate anti-sag kit’, installed it, and shored up the rest of the hardware and surrounding boards to bring it back to […]

  • Order of Operations – Flipping

    The typical Order of operations in New Construction are the same across most facets of building construction. The Order of Operations for other projects (which we’ll touch on later) will vary some, but let’s talk specifically about flipping houses. When you’re flipping a house, the goal is to get in, get done, and get out […]

  • Order of Operations

    No matter what we’re working on, there’s always an order of operations. In Math we have PEMDAS, in baking we have GCMMBT, and in CPR we learn ABC. In construction it’s no different, we have an order of operations, and it’s important we follow it so we can keep making progress, and not have to […]