Construction Consultant

Welcome to my introduction on what a Construction Consultant is, written by ME! 😀

First, what is a Construction Consultant?
Someone who specializes in providing knowledge, experience, and information, related to construction, to the client, in a way they can easily understand.
I do this by applying my decades of experience, my wide range of knowledge, and my practical skills from my time of actually performing work, and conveying the message or meaning to the client in ‘plain English’.

Second, who should hire a Construction Consultant?
Anyone who wants to ensure their construction project can be, or is getting, done properly; within their budget, expectations, and site limitations.

Third, what’s the value of a Construction Consultant?
I have been told many times by my client that I am invaluable, and worth far more than I was being paid. When I review your project, I’m looking for all the things that will, or may, happen, and how all the pieces should fit together. In doing so, I have found millions of dollars of oversights, potential faults, and problems-to-be that no one else had found in the project.
By finding these things before they become problems that cost you money, I help ensure your budget stays intact!

Whether you need a single project review, general consulting, or a full time owners rep, having an expert in your corner is the best money you’ll spend on your project!