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  • Four Months since I filed the Liens

    Today, July 6th, marks four months since I filed the mechanics liens so I could recover the money Ridge Construction owes me. I have finally heard back from one Title company about paying off one of the liens, but still no answers from Vern about the money he owes me, or the other liens filed.

  • Three Months since I filed the liens

    Today, June 6th, marks three months since I filed the liens for the money Ridge Construction owes me, and so far, nothing heard from Vern, or from any of the liens. I’m still working with an attorney to sort through the mess, but we’re expecting to have to take this to District Court. I’m hoping…

  • Another nasty email from Vern

    Vern seems to have spiraled a little deeper into the abyss, as shown by the very nasty email he sent me today. Pushy and demanding, with a large audience and false information, it shows the turn Vern took late last year when the verbal abuse started towards me.

  • Settlement Offer

    I put together a settlement offer for Vern today, an easy way for him to pay off the debt he owes me without any liens filed, legal action, or further issues. Vern replied: Daniel,I can acknowledge that Ridge Construction owes you some money, amount to be determined.I also see that you technically committed civil trespass…