For all the various things I do, Mindset plays an important role. No matter what the task, project, or catastrophe is, I’ve got to have the right stuff in my head, my focus needs to be on the priorities, and my resolve needs to be n+1 where n= the difficulty of the thing(s) ahead.

No matter what you’re approaching, the size of the project, your skill level, or your drive, I encourage you to take a little time, go for a walk with yourself, and figure out what your mindset is. Ask yourself what you’ll do when things go wrong (they will), when expectations aren’t met (they won’t all be), or when something stupid happens (always does). Figure out ahead of time what your MINDSET will be; will you charge forward like a bull in a china shop, letting your anger drive you forward into failing faster? Will you take a step back, pause, and reconsider your position? Or will you run away, maybe coming back to fight another day?

Nothing worth having is easy, but not everything that’s easy isn’t worth having. 🙂